THANK YOU to all past sponsors, participants, donors, supporters and kind volunteers for making the the Annual Run and Walk a success.  This year we have redesigned the annual Eloi event and hope you will join us as we celebrate Eloi Day at CAL on October 6, 2019.

Eloi Day at CAL 2019

Eloi Day at CAL October 6th, 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce a partnership with CAL Bears Soccer Team,  Eloi’s college Alma Mater, to launch a new event for 2019. Eloi was an incredible young man. Not only was he a stellar athlete, but he also trained young student athletes in order to be able to afford to play – team dues, travel expenses and spending money was earned by providing clinics to friends and younger youth players. Eloi gave his time and talent endlessly – all to share his love for the game of Soccer.  As we continue to honor Eloi we look forward to celebrating his life annually in partnership with CAL.

Marin FC shows great pride in providing opportunities for athletic growth for all youth regardless of socio-economic status. We are building a culture of giving at Marin FC and hope that many of our Marin FC youth teams and youth club athletes from around the Bay Area will participate in this special day.

If you missed buying an Eloi Sweatshirts you may be in luck, we will have limited supply available at the game, but come early before inventory runs out!

We are currently auctioning off a beautifully framed 2019 CAL #22 soccer jersey signed by team members and coaches.  Check it out and bid high here!

Event Details:  We have sold over 440 tickets in honor or Eloi ... if you have not signed up please come join us (click the register tile)!
Date: Sunday, October 6, 2019
Time: 2:30PM to 6:00PM
   Edwards Stadium/Goldman Field
   2223 Fulton Street
   Berkeley, CA 94704

We look forward to seeing you at the game!

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